IBM Workload Scheduler 由下列組件組成:

IBM Workload Scheduler 引擎
排程引擎。它在 IBM Workload Scheduler 網路的每部電腦上執行。在安裝期間,會針對工作站將在排程網路內擔任的角色配置引擎,如主網域管理程式、網域管理程式或代理程式。
Dynamic Workload Console
Web 型、輕便、功能強大且對使用者友善。它可以在具有 Web 瀏覽器的任何電腦上使用,並可存取所有現行 IBM Workload Scheduler 功能。它是整個 IBM Workload Automation 組合的策略性圖形使用者介面。



Job Type




Jobs that run on Windows operating systems.


Jobs that run on UNIX platforms. Jobs that run on limited fault-tolerant agentfor IBM i.


Jobs that run on extended agents.


Jobs that run the specified command in the JCL tab on a JCL system.

Remote Command

Jobs that run on remote computers where no IBM Workload Scheduler agent installation is installed.


Jobs that run a command on IBM i systems.


Jobs that run scripts or commands with advanced options, such as redirecting standard input and standard output to a file.


SAP Job on XA Workstations

Jobs that run on an SAP extended agent. This includes the following types of SAP R/3 job definitions:

  •  Standard R/3 job
  •  BW Process Chain job
  •  BW InfoPackage job

SAP Job on Dynamic Workstations

Jobs that run on dynamic agent workstations, pools, dynamic pools, and z-centric agents. The following types of SAP job definition are available:

  •  Standard R/3 job
  •  BW Process Chain job
  •  BW InfoPackage job

Access Method

Jobs that extend IBM Workload Scheduler scheduling functions to other systems and applications by using access methods. The access methods communicate with the external system to launch the job and return the status of the job. The following access methods are available:

  • PeopleSoft
  • SAP
  • z/OS
  • Unixssh
  • Custom methods

SAP PI Channel

Jobs that run SAP Process Integration (PI) Channel jobs to control communication channels between the Process Integrator and a backend SAP R/3 system.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI)

Jobs that enable automation, monitor and control of workflows containing SAP BusinessObjects BI reports (Crystal and Webi reports).

Oracle E-Business Suite

Jobs that enable automation, monitor and control of workflows containing Oracle E-Business Suite jobs.


Workload Broker

Jobs that manage the lifecycle of a dynamic workload broker job. .


Jobs that span physical computers, virtual machines, and private and public cloud environments creating an on-demand environment. This job type integrates with IBM SmartCloud Provisioning.


Jobs that enable automation, monitor and control of Salesforce activities and data.

File Transfer and Coordination

Shadow Distributed

Jobs that run locally and map other jobs running in remote IBM Workload Scheduler distributed environments.

Shadow z/OS

Jobs that run locally and map other jobs running in remote IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS environment.

File Transfer

Jobs that run programs to transfer files to and from a server reachable using FTP, SSH, or other protocols.

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

Jobs that run IBM Sterling Connect:Direct programs to transfer one or more files from a primary node to a secondary node..

Hadoop Distributed File System

Jobs that defines, schedules, monitors, and manages file transfer programs between your workstation and the Hadoop Distributed File System server..


OSLC Automation

Jobs that invoke any OSLC provider that is implementing the OSLC Automation Specification. Automation resources define automation plans, automation requests, and automation results of the software development, test, and deployment lifecycle.

OSLC Provisioning

Jobs that invoke any OSLC provider, such as IBM Workload Scheduler and IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator, that is implementing the OSLC Provisioning Specification. Provisioning resources define provisioning plans, provisioning requests, and provisioning results of the software development, test, and deployment lifecycle.

Database and Integrations


Jobs that perform queries, SQL statements, and jobs on a number of databases, including custom databases. You can also create and run stored procedures on DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Netezza, Hive, and BigSqldatabases.


Jobs that run a Microsoft SQL Server job.

IBM WebSphere MQ

Jobs that enable communications among applications that run in different distributed environment at different times. Communications are based on the following message exchange patterns:

  • Request/Response.
  • Publish on queues or topics.

Web Services

Jobs that run a web service.

RESTful Web Services

Jobs that send requests via HTTP methods (PUT, POST, GET, HEAD, DELETE) to Web resources.


Jobs that run a Java class.


Jobs that allow Java applications in the same network to send and receive messages to and from a JMS destination.

JSR 352 Java Batch

Jobs that allow to run Java Batch applications that implement the JSR 352 standard programming specification.


Jobs that allow to run publish and subscribe actions on topics managed by an MQTT message broker.

IBM Cloudant

Business Analytics

IBM InfoSphere DataStage

Jobs that run IBM InfoSphere DataStage jobs.

IBM Cognos Reports

Jobs that run IBM Cognos reports, interactive reports, queries, and report views.

Informatica PowerCenter

Jobs that schedule Informatica PowerCenter workflows and track their outcome from the Dynamic Workload Console and from the IBM Workload Scheduler command line.

Hadoop Map Reduce

Jobs that define, schedule, monitor, and manage the execution of Hadoop Map Reduce .jar files..

Apache Oozie

Jobs that define, schedule, monitor, and manage the execution of Apache Oozie workflows and of the following Hadoop jobs:

  • MapReduce,
  • Pig,
  • Hive,
  • Sqoop.

IBM BigInsights

Jobs that define, schedule, monitor, and manage IBM BigInsights Workbook data sheets or Applications.


透過單一 Dashboard 可統一管理企業所有的排程環境的執行狀況

TWS Dashboard


TWS Design

彈性自訂日曆, 符合企業需求

TWS Calendar


TWS Monitor 1

TWS Monitor 2

內建 Cognos BI 報表, 掌握 Job 執行狀態

TWS Report 1

TWS Report 2